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This one is our favorite.

On June 1, 1988, we opened a business that was built on our love of food and family.  We were young and we didn't know what we were doing (or what we were getting ourselves into!), but we knew that we wanted to create something special. Over the years, our business evolved and adapted to the ever-changing landscape, but that very same pillar that brought us here in 1988 still held true.

Garbo’s is, and always will be, what it is because of the relationships formed within these walls. Except, we learned that these relationships were formed not only over a love of food, like we originally planned, but also through friendship, good conversation, laughter, faith, and everything in between. The people that walk through these doors day in and day out will always be extensions of our little family, which has expanded infinitely over three decades thanks to our customers and community. We've been a part of your weekly routines and lives—you've watched us raise our kids here and through your visits, we've watched you raise yours. We've seen you become parents, grandparents, husbands, and wives...You've helped us make this place our home away from home.

We could have never imagined the impact the community of Ho-Ho-Kus would have on our family and our business. We thank you for your endless support and dedication throughout the years. We've loved being a part of your lives and we hope that we continue to be a part of it in the years to come. 

Garbo's Italian Deli Proclamation


35 years

On June 1, 2023, Garbo's celebrated its 35th anniversary. The town of Ho-Ho-Kus, Mayor Randall, and the Chamber of Commerce gifted us an honorary plaque that recognizes our businesses as one of the oldest establishments in the borough under the same ownership. 

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